Using the Science of Nature to bring Fresh, Clean, Energized Outdoor Air Quality Indoors

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Everyone knows how fresh, alive and healthy outdoor air is, especially in the forest or mountains or near a waterfall.  Somehow the air indoors never seems to reach that level.  No matter what we do indoors… whether we use air fresheners, air filters, or air purifiers, we can’t seem to achieve that same feeling of freshness and energy that we feel when we go outdoors in nature and take that lungful of fresh air.  Up until now, that is!

The problem is that the industry’s approach to Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) has been to either try to cover up odors with other odors (Chemical based perfumes) or to try to remove odors, particles, germs and bacteria from indoor air.  THAT JUST PLAIN DOESN’T WORK!! At least not very well!  Even the best HEPA filters can’t remove particles smaller than 0.3 microns.  The most harmful particles are considerably smaller than that.  For example here is just a few of the common pollutants in indoor air:

Particulate                      Size in Microns

Dust Mite Allergens       0.2-25      microns

Bacteria                          0.5-10      microns

Pet Dander                     0.1-25      microns

Tobacco Smoke              0.01-0.3   microns

Soot                                0.01-0.3   microns

Viruses                           0.005-0.3  microns

Particles smaller than 0.3 microns are considered Ultrafine particles and are the most dangerous to you, your family, and even your pets.

Ultrafine particles – 90% of all airborne particles are less than 0.1 microns in diameter. In sheer number, they represent more than 90% of all airborne pollutants.  Ultrafine particles are inhaled and deposited directly into the lungs, where they penetrate tissue and can be absorbed directly into the bloodstream.  Through the bloodstream they can reach any organ or other area of the human body

Affected organs

The Solution is to NATURALIZE indoor air NOT Purify your indoor air

Now, a revolutionary technology, the Air Restore Air Naturalizer does what air purifiers can’t do! AirRestore’s Organic Air Technology works at the molecular level just like Mother Nature does to eliminate problems from indoor air pollution.  When the Air Naturalizer is at work all it takes is a deep breath to see what makes Air Naturalizer the ultimate in indoor air quality technology.  It doesn’t try to trap particulates, it changes them at the molecular level and renders them harmless.

Using Organic Air Technology, Air Naturalizer is able to destroy pollutants hundreds of times smaller than traditional HEPA filters.  It uses NO filters, NO Chemicals, and NO perfumes.  This makes it very cost effective and environmentally friendly.

Science of Nature

Developed by a world recognized expert in indoor air quality with over three decades of research, development and manufacturing experience in the indoor air industry, Organic Air Technology is an innovative technology that electronically mimics nature and restores the energy to indoor air to make it act like outdoor fresh air.  Using that energy it creates hydroxyl radicals & ions.   This action emulates what nature does using the sun, naturally occurring airborne compounds and the wind and moisture in the air to create hydroxyl radicals, positive and negative ions and with those natural air elements oxidizes or reduces pollutants leaving only harmless by-products like Carbon Dioxide (CO2),Water (H2O), and trace elements.

How Nature Cleans the Air Organically

How Hydroxyls clean the air

Air Naturalizer’s Organic Air Technology electronically replicates Mother Nature’s process using its ionic engine and plasma chamber to restore the energy to indoor air and put a balanced amount of negative and positive ions (70 trillion of each per second) into the air to make indoor air act like outdoor air and neutralize particulates, remove odors, and Kill germs, bacteria, viruses in the air AND on surfaces!

Extremely cost effective

In addition to using very little energy, the Air Naturalizer is inexpensive to acquire.  A single unit capable of treating up to 800 square feet (a large room or open space) is only $155.  A 2 unit Studio System (ideal for an apartment or condo of up to 1,600 square feet) is just $289 and a 4 unit Whole Home System (up to 3,200 square feet) is just $479.  Because of their innovative technology, they also use no filters or chemical perfumes, so you never need to spend any money replacing expensive filters several times per year.

Whisper quiet

The unique technology of the Air Naturalizer makes it extremely quiet compared to air purifiers.

Energy cost effective

With just a small fan as the only moving part, the technology of the Air Naturalizer is extremely energy cost effective.  It runs 24/7 using costing only about a penny a day, without compromising its effectiveness.

Effective area coverage

This very small unit (only 4½” tall) is able to treat the air in up to 800 square feet on a continual basis.  It’s small size and low cost makes it extremely effective for treating the airspace wherever it is needed.  A Whole Home System, consisting of 4 discrete units, is capable of  naturalizing up to 3200 square feet for just $479.


Air Naturalizer brings a whole new meaning to portability.  First, is its small size (it actually fits in the palm of your hand).  Next is the power source:  it is USB powered so it can be plugged into a cell phone type power adapter or even powered directly via USB cable from your computer or laptop, or can even be used in your car with the USB power port, or again with a cell phone charger.  Lastly, the ultimate portability ― using a USB Power Bank type battery available from places where computers and cell phones are sold or from Amazon or eBay, the units can even be used in a restaurant, or an airplane or anywhere you go!

Learn more about the amazing Air Naturalizer Tempest and Organic Air Technology and other technologically and environmentally advanced products from Green Health Technologies.

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How Home (or office) Air Quality Affects Your Health

You probably already know that the air you breathe is crucial to your daily functioning. The body needs fresh oxygen to perform its routine tasks and keep your heart pumping healthily throughout the day. Many of us take an inhalation for granted, and we don’t think twice about what we may actually be breathing into our lungs.

The truth is that not all buildings or areas have the same indoor air quality. That deep breath you just took may have contained a lot of pollutants that can have a drastic effect on your overall health. Understanding the long-term effects of poor indoor air quality may encourage you to prioritize making your living environment a little safer today.

In the coming sections, you’ll learn about the health risks that compromised indoor air quality can pose and ways to remedy the situation. If you’re concerned that your health may be at risk, you’ll want to know the answers to some of these key questions about indoor air quality.

Where does poor air quality come from?

Before you can understand the potential health effects of poor indoor air quality, you need to know how indoor air quality is determined. What exactly can cause poor indoor air quality and what will it mean for your health?

Research is now coming to light that the air quality within buildings could be filled with even more pollutants than the outdoor air. This may come as a shock to many people. For years, society has believed that the worst air quality conditions were outside due to the exhaust fumes of cars, the waste from manufacturing companies, and other harmful chemicals that make their way into the air.

This new data should be a concern to everyone given that people spend the vast majority of their time indoors.

The list of possible pollutants that the average person may find in their home is relatively endless. On any given day, you probably use a strong cleaner to scrub your kitchen, a spray bottle of air freshener, or craft products with a strong odor. Perhaps you burn a pancake while making breakfast on Saturday morning and the smoke fills the air. All of your daily activities ultimately contribute to the overall quality of your indoor air.

Some of the most common air pollutants seem like harmless items that find their way into the home. Take a look at some of these sources for reduced indoor air quality below:

  • Tobacco products
  • Household cleaners
  • Excess moisture
  • Formaldehyde and other chemicals in furniture or finishes
  • Strong paints
  • Personal care products like hairspray or perfume
  • Smoke from the furnace or stove
  • Pesticides

While this list is by no means exhaustive, these are just a handful of the most common ways that indoor air quality can be affected on a daily basis. The air in your home becomes polluted with these chemical irritants but the air quality is drastically reduced when they can’t find their way out. Ventilation and allowing them to escape is essential to improving the quality of your indoor air.

Anything released into the air has the potential to contaminate your home. As a result, you may start to feel some immediate health effects.

Possible immediate health effects of poor indoor air quality?

Have you ever walked into a building only to realize that your nose became stuffy, you developed a cough, or it was a little harder to breathe? This is what happens when you immediately encounter an area with reduced indoor air quality. The body will quickly respond to the contaminants in the air with a physical reaction.

Some individuals are far more sensitive to these pollutants and will have exaggerated responses. People who suffer from asthma or severe allergies are likely to fall into this category. However, everyone has the potential to be adversely affected by poor indoor air quality (IAQ).

Many of the immediate symptoms resemble the signs of a common cold or seasonal allergies. You may experience irritated and itchy eyes, a scratchy throat, or irritated sinus passageways. Depending on the severity, you may develop a pounding headache or become suddenly dizzy. You might start to feel sluggish and tired when you’re breathing in poor quality air.

If you only experience these symptoms in a particular location, it should be a sign that indoor air quality could be the culprit. For example, you may have many of these symptoms at home but they disappear when you’re in your cubicle at work. A common cold and allergies would be more likely to follow you wherever you go. This indicates that you need to do something to improve the overall quality of the air within your home in order to get rid of your symptoms for good.

Possible long-term health effects of poor indoor air quality?

You may experience some symptoms immediately, but it is possible to have some long-term symptoms that could affect you much later. Some of these may not fully appear until some time has passed, but they can be extremely dangerous and detrimental to your health.

You may consistently suffer from the symptoms above, but it’s also possible for your body to become less sensitive to the exposure. After a long period of time spent around these pollutants, your body may acclimate to their presence. The result is that your immediate symptoms will weaken and you lose the ability to sense when you’re encountering these pollutants in the air.

Years of exposure to reduced indoor air quality could lead to serious health problems such as respiratory diseases or heart disease. Many of the long-term consequences of living with reduced indoor air quality are dependent upon the specific contaminants in your air.  However, it is possible for certain types of cancers to develop as well.

As you can imagine, the dangers of these long-term health effects can be extremely hazardous and could be fatal.

It is too difficult to determine which people may be at a greater risk to develop some of these issues. Each person will have a different level of sensitivity to pollutants and irritants. While it is well known that some people will be more susceptible to an extreme reaction, including those with asthma, the rest is still unpredictable.

The best thing that you can do to reduce your overall risk of developing these potentially fatal conditions is to improve the indoor air quality in your home or office environment. Many of the steps are relatively simple to incorporate into your daily routine and annual maintenance. With a little forethought and planning, you may be able to significantly lower your risk of developing these more extreme illnesses and experience more comfort in your daily life.

How does moisture affect indoor air quality?

Moisture plays a significant role in the quality of the air within a building.  In particular, moisture is the ideal environment for mold growth to run rampant. At some point, you have likely encountered small amounts of mold in your home already. You may have noticed a few spores around the kitchen sink, near a leak in their shower, or around the window seals. It is a persistent and pesky problem to have in your home, but small amounts of mold can be cleaned up relatively quickly.

When you have a larger problem, you may start to see more serious effects on your health  and living conditions overall.  The health effects of prolonged exposure to mold are relatively well-known. They can produce symptoms that appear to be closely related to the common cold or the flu virus.  However, they can also have serious long-term health effects such as respiratory infections and diseases.

How will you know if mold could be a potential problem in your home?  The first sign that mold growth could be imminent is seeing water droplets form on the walls inside of the home. This is most likely to appear in areas that are already subject to a lot of moisture. Take a careful look at the area around windows and doors, near the pipes, in bathrooms, and even on the ceilings. Anywhere that water is nearby could be a potential place for rapid mold growth.

Reducing the humidity level of your home also makes it more difficult for other pollutants to thrive. Bacteria, fungi, and viruses can truly flourish when the humidity levels exceed the 50 percent mark. In addition to the reduced air quality within your home, which can have health effects in and of itself, high humidity levels could also contribute to more frequent illnesses this way.

How can you improve indoor air quality?

Promoting healthy indoor air quality doesn’t have to be difficult or time-consuming. Many homeowners could make just a handful of minor changes throughout their home to encourage a much healthier living environment. Depending on the setup of your home, there may not even be any substantial cost to implement these steps.

The first and easiest thing for most individuals to do is to release the pollutants from the home. Unless you are dealing with mold, the problem in your home could simply be that there are too many pollutants trapped inside. As a society, we tend to falsely believe that outdoor air is harmful and rarely allow it into our homes. Unfortunately, this leads to a vicious cycle where harmful chemicals become trapped in our indoor air.

In the end, our health may suffer because we are prizing the energy efficiency of our air conditioning or heating systems over the fresher outdoor air. The reality is that we need a balance of fresh air and energy efficiency to prevent some of these conditions.

How can you get the freshness of outdoor air into your home?  You could simply open the windows on a nice afternoon instead of turning on the air conditioning.  However, if you open the windows during certain times of the year you may be allowing excess pollen to enter your home that could intensify symptoms associated with seasonal allergies.

You can also limit the number of pollutants in the air by choosing your household products wisely. This may mean switching from your favorite brand of hairspray to an option that has low VOCs. You might want to consider looking for household cleaners that aren’t as strong.

One of the largest sources of indoor air pollution is smoking. If you have a habit of smoking inside the home, this can lead to a serious buildup of pollutants over the months and years.  Take your smoke breaks outside on the front porch instead of in the living room to see a drastic improvement in the quality of your indoor air.  You won’t want to compound the negative health effects associated with smoking by lowering your indoor air quality as well.

How can you supplement these steps?

Unfortunately, it would be next to impossible to eliminate all of the pollutants from your home. There will come a time when you have to cook indoors, paint a wall, or put on perfume. It isn’t always a feasible solution to open the window, particularly during certain times of the year or when the weather doesn’t permit. What should you do when this situation arises?

Energy in the air is the key to reducing the amount of polluted air in your home. There is a great solution that homeowners may be interested in when it comes to keeping indoor air energized. This is something that you will want to investigate in the very near future.

Outdoors, Mother Nature, using the sun, moisture in the air, wind and elements found naturally in the air, energizes the air and cleans the air of most pollutants and other harmful things in the air. The energy interacts with naturally occurring compounds found in the air to create a series of oxidation and reduction actions to change pollutants, germs, viruses and bacteria at the molecular level to create harmless by-products.  Nature also uses ions to cause even very small, fine particles to clump together and fall out of the air.  Nature does everything in balance which is what makes it all work.

Indoors, the air rapidly loses its energy and becomes stale and “dead”.  When this happens it cannot clean the air of harmful particles, odors and other undesirable things.  The moisture in the air builds up; mold, mildew and germs thrive in this dead, de-energized environment.

If you spend a lot of time in a specific area of your home or work with lots of potential pollutants, you may want to “naturalize”  (one definition of naturalize is “to make like nature”) your indoor air and make it act like outdoor air!

The alternative to stale, dead air would be energized and fresh air.  The way to achieve this  would be an Air Naturalizer™ system.

The Air Naturalizer System consists of one or more small (4½” tall) units each capable of treating up to 800 square feet.  These devices use a revolutionary Organic Air Technology to electronically replicate what Mother Nature does outdoors.   They “Restore the Energy to Indoor Air to Make it Act Like Fresh, Natural, Healthy Outdoor Air”!

This Organic Air Technology energizes the air and interacts with components in the air to create the same oxidation and reduction actions and the hydroxyls found in nature to interact and change contaminants at the molecular level.  Each unit also puts over 70 Trillion Negative and 70 Trillion Positive ions per second (remember that balance that nature does).

This action is very effective at removing odors, killing germs, mold and mildew spores and removing particles from the air.  It even kills germs, bacteria and viruses on surfaces such as countertops, door handles and furniture or any surface.

Using an Air Naturalizer system freshens, energizes and cleans your indoor air.   Fresh outdoor air energizes you, helps you sleep better,  helps your immune system and you feel more mentally alert.  For more information, please check out   Don’t you and your family or associates deserve to breathe like this Indoors?

Breathe forest waterfall fresh air - Indoors (oval)

How to Naturalize your Indoor Air

You are probably wondering what is meant by “naturalize your indoor air”.   If you accept that when you are outdoors (away from any major sources of pollution) the air is “Natural”, it is pretty clear that making your indoor air act like outdoor air would be to  “naturalize” it.  One dictionary definition of naturalize is to make like nature.

Many people think that outdoor air is “pure”.  Nothing could be further from the truth!  Outdoor air gets all kinds of things in it: odors, pollen, allergens, particles of all types and sizes – including smoke, dust, germs, animal products, even viruses and bacteria!  That sounds terrible doesn’t it?

Why then, is it that when we spend a bit of time outdoors, we feel energized and alert? We generally feel much better than when we have been indoors for any length of time.

The answer is….NATURE!  Nature has the ability to make all of those things in the air harmless.  They have always been in the air, but they don’t affect us.  Our bodies were designed to live outdoors.  When we first appeared on earth we lived in caves or in shelters made of sticks and grass.  We breathed air containing all of these things yet we thrived.

Nature, using, the sun, the moisture in the air, the wind, and the naturally occurring elements in the air, ENERGIZES the air and creates positive and negative ions, hydroxyl ions (which are natures “scrubbers”), free hydrogen, and other components capable of oxidizing or reducing harmful molecules in the air.  What happens is these pollutants are changed at the molecular level into new, different, harmless molecules that are found in natural, fresh air.  In addition, the negative ions in natural air cause even the smallest particles to clump together and fall out of the air we breathe.

You have probably noticed that when you spend time in nature you feel much more energetic and alert, you sleep better, and you breathe better.  That is because this fresh, energized air causes your respiratory system to be more efficient and your blood absorbs more oxygen.  Every organ in your body needs oxygen to function properly and efficiently.  Your brain uses a little over  20% of the oxygen you take in.  Your immune system operates much more efficiently when it gets the proper tools…which are food, water and oxygen.

The bottom line is that outdoor air is the most healthful and when you spend a lot of time in it you feel better and are much less likely to get sick.  NO DISEASE CAN LIVE IN AN OXYGEN RICH ENVIRONMENT!

Unfortunately, we don’t spend anywhere near enough time outdoors.  The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) says that Americans spend nearly 90% of our time INDOORS!   The EPA also says that indoor air can be 5-10 times (or in some cases, as much as 100 times) more polluted than outdoor air!

OK, now that we have identified the problem, how do we fix it?

Naturalize your indoor air!

We need to make our indoor air act like outdoor air!  There is a product called the Air Naturalizer™ Tempest which does just that!  Remember that nature adds energy to the air to make it deodorize and neutralize pollutants and germs in the air as well as on the surfaces which the air comes into contact with!  That energy is key to all the other things we talked about nature doing to make the air we breathe healthy.

The Air Naturalizer Tempest electronically replicates what nature does.  It Restores the Energy to Indoor Air to Make it Act like Fresh, Healthy, Energized Outdoor Air!

The air indoors, is initially the same as outdoor air.  The problem is that in an attempt to be energy efficient, our building codes have made our homes and workplaces nearly airtight.  The result is that the air inside quickly loses its energy and its ability to neutralize the pollutants that get brought in by us, our children, our pets, and from a variety of other sources.   When we breathe, we exhale carbon dioxide (C02).  This builds up and reduces the percentage of Oxygen in our indoor air.  Mold spores can build up in darker, moist spaces and these can be harmful to children and other living things.

Using its ionic engine, the Air Naturalizer Tempest creates the energy to release the hydroxyl ions, free hydrogen and a balanced amount of negative and positive ions and other compounds to oxidize or reduce the pollutants at the molecular level just like nature does outside!  This is a continuous process that keeps naturalizing our air 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  The result is that we are breathing fresh air just like we were outdoors!

The Air Naturalizer Tempest is not an air filter, it uses no filter (they don’t really work all that well!)  It is not an air purifier; it is far too sophisticated for that!  The long time approach to making indoor air better was to try to remove things from the air.  Unfortunately that has never been effective.  It is the wrong approach.  Even the best HEPA filter devices can only trap particles greater than 0.3 microns in diameter.  The most harmful contaminants are smaller than that with many (including viruses) being 0.1 microns or less.  In addition, these filter type purifiers can only treat the air that passes through the filter, which is a very small amount.  The result is that they are very limited in their effectiveness.  Additionally, those larger particles get stopped at the filter and clog it up so it needs to be replaced or cleaned often, creating an ongoing recurring expense.  Sometimes those particles then get blown back out into the air in the room.

The most effective thing to improve indoor air is to do what nature does and destroy or change harmful particles and germs in the air.

Air Naturalizer Tempest does just that!  It destroys harmful pollution and pathogens by attacking them at the molecular level and destroying them or changing them into harmless compounds that are found in natural fresh air.  This kills germs, viruses and bacteria (even those super fine, less than 0.1 micron ones) not only in the air, but also where they settle on surfaces such as counter tops, cabinets, doorknobs and furniture and carpets.

The result is that your indoor air is fresher, healthier, and has more energy!  You feel better, sleep better, and are more alert and energetic.  It removes odors – cooking, mildew, pet odors, and all kinds of others, without covering them up with chemical perfumes which make your indoor air more hazardous!

The Air Naturalizer Tempest is designed to be effective and flexible and is offered in a variety of configurations, ranging from single units for small spaces or single rooms, to two unit Studio Systems for apartments or condos, or four unit Whole Home Systems for discreet placement where needed.  Each individual unit is small, (only 4 1/2″ tall) and covers up to 800 square feet.  Instead of trying to bring the pollution to a single point for treatment, it takes the solution to the pollution.   The Air Naturalizer continually disperses energized healthy air into your indoor air space thereby continuously keeping your indoor environment healthy and removing new pollution as it comes indoors.

Air Naturalizer Tempest can be ordered from Green Health Technologies.  To learn more and/or order your system please visit

Don’t you think you and your family or associates deserve to breathe the healthiest air when indoors?  Act Now! 


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AirRestore Air Naturalizer Helps Protect you From This Years Severe Flu Season

Energize Your Indoor Air to Minimize Your Risk

We are in the midst of one of the worst Flu seasons in years, and according to the Center For Disease Control this years vaccine is not very effective!

Did you know that every time you go out you risk exposure to the flu virus as well as a variety other germs and viruses and many kinds of bacteria?  If that’s not bad enough, when you go back into your home or workplace you bring those nasty little illness creators indoors with you where they become airborne. 

These pathogens are so small and light (less than 0.1 microns in diameter) that they can remain suspended in the air for days or even weeks.  When they do settle out of the air they settle on furniture, counters and other objects where they can continue to be sources of contamination.

A commonly held belief is that air filters and traditional “air purifiers” will get rid of these types of pollutants.  Unfortunately that is just not true.  Even the best HEPA filters are only capable of trapping particles O.3 microns in diameter and greater.  Also, they are only capable of filtering air that is drawn into the unit and passes through the filter; the “filtered” air only disperses through a small portion of the air, usually less than 300 square feet.  Those small flu viruses and other pathogens pass right through these filters.  In addition these filters must be replaced and/or cleaned frequently or the filter clogs up and the fan in these units blows those same particles back into the indoor air. 

The newer Ultra Violet (UV) Light or negative ion “purifiers” also have serious limitations.  The UV purifiers claim to “kill” the germs and viruses but that is only true once again for the air that passes through the unit and then only if exposure to the UV light is long enough in duration.  Again, the supposedly germ free air only gets dispersed out a small distance into the room.  The negative ion filters often produce a quantity of ozone that is not healthy as it builds up.

Have you ever noticed how healthy people stay when they are routinely exposed to outdoor fresh air?  Interestingly, Those pathogens are present in outdoor air as well.  So why don’t people usually get sick from them?  The reason is because Nature has the ability to render these and other pollutants harmless.   How does nature accomplish this?  The answer is that Nature, uses the sun, moisture in the air, and other compounds which naturally occur in the air to energize the air and create hydroxyls which are natures “scrubbers”, and creates a balanced mix of negative and positive ions, all of which attack pollutants including germs bacteria and viruses and change them at the molecular level into different, harmless particles.

The result of all of this is that outdoor, fresh air is energized and healthy for humans and other air breathing life.  We were, after all, created to live outdoors.  When we first appeared on the planet we lived in caves or shelters made of branches and grass… and we thrived!

Indoors, on the other hand, air very quickly loses its energy and becomes stale, “dead” air.  It loses the ability to cleanse itself and these dangerous particles as well as other contaminants and odors remain in the air and settle on surfaces.  It becomes unhealthy and you can become ill, have less energy, have breathing issues, sleep issues and a reduced immune system efficiency.  Your blood oxygen level is reduced because you are not efficiently getting blood transferred from the air through your lungs and into your blood.  Also, this stale air causes your mucous, which is supposed to be thin and clear and remove toxins from your body, to thicken and prevent it from efficiently removing toxins from your respiratory system and expel them, resulting in respiratory and other illness susceptibility.

The Air Naturalizer™ Tempest is neither an air filter nor an “air purifier”.  It is to sophisticated for that.  It is a revolutionary concept which involves “Organic Air Technology“.  It uses no filter, chemicals or perfume to “freshen” the air.  This product electronically replicates what Nature does to make outdoor air healthy.  “The Air Naturalizer  Restores the Energy to Indoor Air to Make it Act Like Fresh, Healthy Energized Outdoor Air”  Using this amazing technology, Air Naturalizer recreates the Hydroxyls, balanced positive and negative ions, and the moisture in the air to do what nature does…Attack  pollutants, pathogens and odors at the molecular level and change them into the harmless components naturally found in the air.

The Air Naturalizer helps your respiratory system efficiently transfer the oxygen in the air into your blood stream raising your blood oxygen level.  This gives you more energy, greater mental acuity, helps you sleep better and helps your immune system operate more efficiently.  When we give our body the right tools it can go a long way toward healing itself.

Best of all, just like outdoor air, it kills germs and viruses both in the air AND ON SURFACES!   It even kills mold spores! THIS HELPS PROTECT YOU FROM THE SEVERE FLU THAT IS GOING AROUND THIS WINTER AND SPRING! 

No device is capable of treating the air behind walls or doors.  Many so called filters and purifiers claim to protect your home when in reality they only protect a very small part of it, and not very well at that! 

Air Naturalizer systems discreet systems that are designed to solve that problem by offering the ability create “Restore Zones” and take the solution to the pollution, not try to bring all the pollutants to a single point.  Each small  (4½” Tall) Air Naturalizer unit covers up to 800 Square feet.  Air Naturalizers are available as single units (for single rooms or small spaces) a 2 unit Studio Pack covering up to 1600 square feet for an apartment or condo, or as a 4 Unit Whole Home System covering up to 3200 square feet.  Air Naturalizer is extremely effective, very cost effective and can be easily  moved to wherever it is needed for maximum flexibility.  It’s odor eliminating capability makes it extremely effective for handling cooking, mildew,  smoke and especially Pet Odors!  On top of all that, it is safe and healthy for pets and people.

Don’t you think you and your family and/or associates deserve to breathe the safest, healthiest air when indoors?  After all, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) says indoor air is 5 to 10 times more polluted than outdoor air, and, in addition, they say that Americans spend up to 90% of our time INDOORS!

Because these versatile units are USB powered, and can be plugged in at home using a USB cell phone charger/adapter, or in your car and even use a USB Power Bank portable battery, they can be taken with you when you go out or travel, you can be protected anywhere you go.

To learn more about this amazing and healthful product  or to order your AirRestore Air Naturalizer,  Please visit


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What’s Wrong With Our Indoor Air?

Copyright © Lynn Knudsen, Green Health Technologies.   December, 21, 2017

There is a lot of talk about air pollution in various parts of the country.  Currently there is a lot of concern about the air quality in Southern California because of the rash of fires.

As bad as you think outdoor pollution may be, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) says that our indoor environment is two to five times more toxic than our outdoor environment, and in some cases, the air measurements indoors have been found to be 100 times more polluted.

After a fire, this can be a real problem because long after the air outdoors has all visible and odiferous signs of the smoke gone, the very fine particles of ash and airborne chemicals that were brought inside by human and pet traffic or through open doors or windows continue to float around in your air indoors.  In addition, dust, pet dander, and a host of other obnoxious particles also remain airborne for a very long time in indoor air.

Why does Indoor Air remain contaminated longer?

The reason indoor air remains more toxic for a longer time than outdoor air is nature itself!  Outdoors, Nature, using the sun, the wind, moisture in the air, and the natural elements in the air Energizes the air and creates air containing a balance of things such as positive and negative ions, Hydroxyls (natures atmospheric “scrubbers”) to attack odors, chemicals, bacteria, gases and other harmful particles at the molecular level and change them into other, harmless molecules.  This process also causes particles, even very fine ones which are very harmful to our respiratory systems to clump together, get heavy and fall out of the air.  All of this also kills germs and bacteria, mold spores and other bad things.    In this manner, nature renders the air healthful for all living things.   The key factor in all of this is the ENERGY that is in outdoor air, and the balance of compounds and negative and positive ions that is in outdoor air!

Indoor air, on the other hand, is devoid of this energy and rapidly loses the hydroxyls, negative ions, and the other components that sanitize, deodorizes, freshens and enlivens the air.  The lack of energy in the air results in the air very rapidly becoming stale, “dead” air.  When this happens you begin to feel lethargic, cranky, have memory lapses, don’t sleep as well and generally feel ill at ease.  Have you noticed how when you are out in nature, especially in the mountains or near a waterfall or the ocean you feel so much more energized and alert?  If you go camping or sleep with the windows open you seem to sleep better and wake up more alert and energized.

The primary reasons for this are the energy in fresh, organic outdoor air, and the negative ions that are in that air.  The energy helps you breathe better, helps you oxygenate your blood faster and more thoroughly and as a result your organs, especially your brain functions far more efficiently and the negative ions cause pollutant particles to clump together and fall out of the air leaving it feeling fresh.

The EPA also says that Americans spend up to 90% of our time INDOORS!  Indoor air rapidly loses its energy.  In addition, we have an abundance of electronic equipment, appliances, carpeting, furniture and other items that produce an abundance of positive ions.  Very quickly our indoor air becomes overloaded with positive ions, deficient in those negative ions our bodies need, and severely lacking that all important energyIndoor air is full of germs, allergens, dust, dust mites, and a host of other things.  Unfortunately this is true in our homes, schools, workplaces, or any indoor space that is deprived of fresh outdoor air.

Our homes and buildings are, in the last 30-40 years, are being built to be nearly airtight due to energy efficiency.    Commercial buildings and schools almost never have windows that open and are very well insulated, virtually eliminating a free exchange of air from outdoors.  The air conditioning systems are pretty much closed systems, recirculating the air already indoors.  In addition the fans and compressors from the air conditioner produce even more of those positive ions, further degrading the healthfulness of indoor air.  The duct works that the heating and air conditioning systems use to move air around are excellent breeding grounds for mold spores and bacteria which are then blown into our air.  Our homes are not any better.  Even when people open their windows or doors, most of us have screens on them to prevent insects and debris from entering our indoor space.  These screens have the effect of “grounding” the electrical charges of the air, thus stripping the negative ions out of any air that comes in.

All of the above is responsible for what you have probably heard of as Sick Building Syndrome.  This is responsible for causing a variety of physical and health problems.  This is especially true in the winter months which are the Cold and Flu Season”.

What Can We Do About our Indoor Air Problems?

OK, we have established that our indoor air is not exactly health after a very short time.  So what can we do about it?  We were created to live outdoors, where nature keeps the air healthy, but modern people don’t live outdoors and most of us don’t work outdoors so we must try to do something about our indoor air.  For many years, businesses have tried to solve the problem by filtering or “purifying” indoor air by tying to trap the pollutants in filters or cover up odors with other odors such as perfumes (chemicals, which are, in many cases, equally harmful) or burning scented candles which put paraffin (made from petroleum) particles in the air, which are harmful to your respiratory system.  The big problem with the filters and purifiers is that they just don’t work!  They do capture and remove a very small amount of the particles in your indoor air, but only from the air that they manage to channel through their filters, which is a very small amount, and they are generally only able to affect about 250-400 square feet of space.  The very fine particles (less than 0.3 microns) which are the most harmful to your respiratory system pass right through even the best HEPA filters.

If this approach doesn’t work, what do we do?  Well, fortunately, there is a new approach and technology on the market that changes the whole game.  Instead of trying to strip particles out of the air, which has never really worked, it replicates what Nature does outdoors – it doesn’t try to “purify” the air, it “Naturalizes” it.  It Restores the Energy to Indoor Air to Make it Act like Fresh, Energized, and Healthy Outdoor Air This product is called The Air Naturalizer™!

This tiny 4½” inch high innovation electronically replicates what nature does outdoors and energizes the air, puts hydroxyls, and other natural compounds into the air to attack pollutants at the molecular level to render them harmless.  Air Naturalizer also continuously puts over 70 Trillion Negative Ions per second into the air.  In addition to providing what our body needs for good health, these negative ions also cause all those particles floating around in the air – even those very small, very harmful ones, to clump together and fall out of the air.  In addition, Air Naturalizer removes Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) in the form of gases that come from carpeting, furniture, cabinetry, and household cleaning supplies, from the air as well.  It has also been tested to kill mold spores, AND GERMS AND BACTERIA ON SURFACES as well as in the air.

The small Air Naturalizer treats up to 800 square feet of space per unit.  It is available as a single unit, as a two unit Studio Pack covering up to 1600 square feet or as a 4 unit Whole Home System covering up to 3200 square feet.

The Air Naturalizer is a powerful unit that is extremely versatile.  It is a USB powered unit.  It can be plugged into a wall outlet using a standard cell phone USB power adapter, into USB port on a computer or used in your vehicle with a cell phone USB charger.  It can even be used portably with a USB Power Pack battery.  Best of all, this amazing product is a fantastic value.  It can be yours for much less than what inferior products with a very small percentage of the capability costs.

The Air Naturalizer is an innovative and proven technology to improve the health of you, your family and/or your friends and work associates.  YOU NEED THIS!

To learn more about this amazing product and how it can help you achieve optimal breathing health when indoors please click on this link.

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Brush Fires Cause Severe Health Hazard INDOORS!

We all know the dangers to our respiratory systems from breathing smoke.  Did you know that even after the fires are out and the outdoor air no longer has visible smoke or even the smoke odor, your INDOOR air can (and usually does) remain contaminated with particulates and allergens for several days or longer.

Outdoors, nature cleans the air of contaminates very quickly.  It does this by using the sun, the moisture in the air and naturally occurring compounds in the air to energize the air, a balance of negative and positive ions to energize the air and create hydroxyls, which are natures “air scrubbers”.  Nature treats the air at the Molecular Level.

Unfortunately, indoor air doesn’t have the benefit of direct sunlight, and wind and moisture so it doesn’t have the energy and hydroxyls to clean the particles and odors out of the air.  With no energy the air becomes style or “dead” and these dangerous particles and germs stay in the air for a very long time,  sometimes the very small particles float around in the air for weeks.  Of course odors last a lot longer also.

The real danger from these fires is that when there is smoke in the air, the very fine particles enter your building through doors when people come in and out, through any windows that may be left open, and even stick to clothes and are brought in with you when you enter.  These particles are so tiny (less than 0.3 microns) that they are too small for even the best HEPA filters to capture.  These particles penetrate deeply into your respiratory system and can do a lot of damage to your health.

There is, however, some good news!  There is a product called the Air Naturalizer™, which electronically replicates what nature does outdoors!  It treats the air at the molecular level just like nature does.  It “Restores the Energy to Indoor Air to make it Act Like Fresh, Healthy, Energized Outdoor Air”!  It continuously puts energized, ionically balanced, air full of the hydroxyls, ions and other natural compounds to attack contaminants at the molecular level to make them harmless.  In addition, it causes ultra-fine particles to clump together and fall out of the air.  This process even attacks and kills germs and bacteria on surfaces!   Air Naturalizer uses no filters, no perfumes and no chemicals to clean and energize your indoor air.  Each individual unit is small (only 4½” high) and powerful and treats up to 800 square feet of space.  It is available as single units, a 2 unit Studio Pack which covers up to 1600 square feet or a 4 unit Whole Home System which will treat up to 3200 square feet.

Air Naturalizer is the best thing you can do for your family or associates either at home or at work.  According to the EPA, the average American spends up to 90% of their time INDOORS.  That means we are breathing stale, contaminated, Non-energized air most of the time.  It is no wonder we have so much disease, fatigue, breathing and sleep issues.

While you need to have an Air Naturalizer System at all times,  It is especially necessary after there has been fires in your area. YOU NEED THIS!

Give the gift of good health to yourself and loved ones, get Air Naturalizer for your home or office NOW.  To learn more, visit

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The Most Powerful Healing System Ever Devised

Are you aware that you have been living with the most powerful healing system ever devised since the day you were born?

No, it is not a drug or a device.  While the big pharmaceutical companies and medical manufacturers  have spent billions upon billions of dollars on drugs alleged to heal this condition or that illness.  In reality, these drugs mostly do absolutely nothing to heal anything!   Often, they just treat the symptoms.  As a matter of fact, most have several potentially serious side effects!  After all, curing a condition or illness is not profitable,  they need patients to keep coming back for more drugs or treatment.

So what about this “most powerful healing system ever devised”?  As mentioned above, you have been living with it since you were born.  It is your own immune system!!!

Nature, or your creator, has endowed you with an immune system that, if properly taken care of, is capable of healing nearly everything that goes wrong in your body.  The lymph system, along with your white blood cells can attack and destroy nearly any foreign invader or mutant cell in your body.  Keep in mind, we are not saying that the immune system can cure EVERYTHING, but if healthy, it can prevent most things from becoming serious.  It is capable of attacking and destroying foreign objects, tissue and cells as well as fighting off colds, flu and most diseases.

So what do we mean when we say if properly taken care of”?  Well, your immune system, to work as designed needs to be properly nourished, hydrated, and kept free of oxidants.  It needs energy received in the form of negative ions.

When all of these things are present, our immune systems become the most powerful healing system ever created!

So how do we assure that we nourish, hydrate and keep harmful oxidants at a safe level in our immune systems?

First: eating a proper, healthy diet, free of things that degrade the immune system is important.  There is plenty of information available about what foods to eat to maintain a healthy body and immune system, so all we will say here is that you should stay away from acidic foods and beverages and eat alkaline based foods and those high in antioxidants like green vegetables and others. Diseases require an acidic environment and don’t survive in an alkaline environment.

The second thing that is important is proper hydration.  According to the American Medical Association (AMA) about 70% of Americans are chronically dehydrated.  Tests have shown that nearly everyone in the hospital for illnesses is suffering from dehydration and an acidic system.  Your immune system fails when not properly hydrated.  What makes for good hydration?  Your body cells absorb water through channels in the cell structure called Aquaporins, in order water to reach the important cell interiors to make them function as intended it must pass through these Aquaporin channels.  If it doesn’t get there the cell is not properly hydrated.  Water molecules cluster.  If the molecule clusters are too big, they won’t easily pass through the aquaporin channels.

The third, and most important thing in maintaining a healthy immune system is getting energy to our cells so that they perform adequately and continuously replace themselves and enhance our immune system.  We get this energy primarily from negative ions found in the air we breathe.  We absorb about 80% of the negative ions we need through our skin and 15% by breathing.  Of course, we get some through food and drink as well.

We were created to live outdoors.   We originally lived in caves, shelters made from bushes and shrubs and we drank water fresh from moving streams and springs.  Since we were outdoors nearly 100% of our time we absorbed fully energized air.  We lived near moving water and as a result, absorbed plenty of negative ions.  Our immune systems were able to take care of nearly anything we came into contact with.  The chief cause of death was accidents or predatory animals.

The water we drank was naturally structured and impurities removed through the natural filtration of moving water across the rocks in the streams and through the layers of rocks and minerals as it came up through springs.  Molecule clusters remained small so they easily passed into our cells keeping us properly hydrated.

Nature, using the sun, natural elements and compounds and the moisture in the air creates energy and components which combine to remove harmful particles and germs as well as odors.  This action attacks and alters contaminating particles and odors on a molecular level rendering them harmless.  It also results in a balance of hydrogen, activated oxygen and positive and negative ions being put into the air.  This also causes very fine particles which can easily get into our respiratory system and damage our immune systems to clump together and fall out of the air, so we don’t breathe them in.

Modern man has become more “civilized”, and more technological.  We have moved indoors and our technology has caused our homes to become nearly airtight and our water systems deliver water loaded with chemicals and as a result of the delivery systems, our tap water has clusters of 13-15 molecules which are too big to easily pass through the aquaporins.  As a result because of the technology our homes and buildings become incubators of germs and bacteria, particles don’t get removed from our indoor air, they continuously build up with the result that indoor air loses its energy, becomes dead air  and unhealthy for your immune system.  Also, because our water is no longer properly structured to easily into our cells we become dehydrated and our immune system functions less efficiently.

We can solve the hydration problem and help our immune systems by drinking structured, alkaline water from a water ionizer.  Ionizers, create water that is alkaline and properly structured into clusters of 4-6 molecules, which easily pass through the aquaporins and help to properly hydrate our cells and our bodies.  In addition, ionizers create water that is properly alkaline and helps remove toxins from our body as a part of helping our immune system.

About the most significant thing we can do for this powerfully healing immune system is to provide the proper air for our bodies to function in.  The EPA says that most Americans spend as much as 90% of our time indoors.

Businesses have tried for many years to solve the air problem by trying to “purify”, to capture and remove things from our indoor air.  THIS HAS, FOR THE MOST PART, DONE VERY LITTLE OR NOTHING TO SOLVE THE PROBLEM.

We now know that the best approach is to replicate what nature does.  Outdoor air is by no means “Pure”; it is full of particulates like allergens, dust, chemicals, and particles of decaying vegetation and animals as well as biological materials from animals.  There are things in it that create odors, yet, for the most part, outdoor air appears fresh, healthful and energizing.  We feel good, sleep well, and are more energetic when we spend significant time outdoors.   That’s because our bodies absorb the energy and negative ions from outdoor air and we breathe more deeply and get more oxygen transferred to our cells and expel more toxins when breathing outdoor, fresh air.

We have already talked about how nature accomplishes the task of making outdoor air fresh, energizing and contaminate free.

So let’s talk about replicating what nature does outside, for our indoor air.  Let’s talk about  Naturalizing” our indoor air.  The verb “naturalize” means “to make like nature”.

There is a product called the Air Naturalizer™ that does just that!  The Air Naturalizer Whole Home System consists of 4 small (4½” tall) units each of which covers up to 800 square feet of space.  The Air Restore is available as a Single Unit which covers 800 sq. feet,  two unit Studio Pack covering 1600 square feet, and the 4 unit Whole Home System good for up to 3200 square feet of coverage.

Air Naturalizer uses an Ion Engine to electronically replicate what nature does outdoors.  Air Naturalizer Restores the Energy to Indoor Air to Make it Act Like Fresh, Energized, Healthy Outdoor Air

In another article we will discuss the actual benefits of Structured, Alkaline Water and the benefits of breathing fresh, healthy air indoors and what they can do for your body and health.

Treat your immune system like it is your most valuable health asset, BECAUSE IT IS!

For more information on these air and water products please check out Green Health Technologies website.  Click this link:

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