Is your Indoor Air Hurting your Health?

EPA: Indoor Air can be 5-10 times MORE POLLUTED Than Outdoor Air! 
Now that it is Spring, and moving into Summer, we are at the point that we open our windows to replace the stale air we had in our homes all winter.  It’s great…right?  There is only one problem…. Allergy season!  There is a plethora of pollens outside and the open windows allow them to join the indoor pollutants to form a mix that the EPA says is 5-10 times worse than outdoor air, or in the worst cases, as much as 100 times worse!

What is responsible for this?  Well, in addition to the normal dust and skin cells that we slough off on a daily basis, there are nasty little dust mites that feed on and hitch rides on those skin cells.  There are also a variety of germs and bacteria floating around.  Add to that (for those of you that have pets), pet dander and accompanying odors.  If you have smokers in the house, there is the particulates that are introduced in the form of tobacco smoke.  If you burn candles, there are additional particles given off by the burning candle.  The list goes on.  And don’t forget the odors that accompany these pollutants — things like personal odors, cooking odors, garbage pails, diaper pails, litter boxes, etc.

So what do we do about this problem?  Let’s look at some of the common things people do.

First:  To deal with odors, people often use air fresheners, either spray, scented candles, incense, or the plug in solid types.  The problems with this approach are that for one thing, they only cover up the problem with other, less objectionable, odors, and many of them contain perfumes to add to allergies and a host of chemicals which are not natural and can be harmful to your health!  Another issue is that the burning type (incense, candles or the plug-ins, add particles to the already polluted air.  Also, these methods only affect a tiny portion (75-150 square feet) of your living space so you need more than one.

Second: Many folks think an “Air Purifier” is the solution.  The issue here is that most of these are little more than filters and fans.  Again, they generally can only cover up to about 150 to 300 square feet because they rely on pulling the room air through a filter.  They are “Passive” devices which rely on being able to get air that has an unobstructed path through the filter.  Add to that, the fact that only that air which has passed through the filter has particles removed.  That means only a portion of the air in the room is “purified”.

Again, the term purified is inaccurate because even the best HEPA filters are usually only capable of trapping particles 0.3 microns or more in diameter.  The most dangerous particles are what is called “ultrafine” and are as small as 0.1 microns in diameter so they pass right through the filters, and are circulated back into the air in your home.  These particles are dangerous because they pass easily through the lungs and damage body cells and organs.

Many of these air purifiers are Ozone generators, and while they are relatively effective at killing germs, they can put higher levels of ozone into the air than is recommended by health officials.

Going back to the original premise of having “fresh air”, the reason that is good for you is because nature uses the sun, moisture in the air and negative ions  to clean, freshen, and ENERGIZE outdoor air.

New technology is here which allows us to mimic the process INDOORS!  AirRestore Air Naturalizers are “Mother Natures’ indoor helper”  They use a similar process nature does to take ambient air, and using UV light, ions and electronic process, clean, freshen & ENERGIZE indoor air.  It “naturalizes” the air.  The dictionary defines naturalize as “to make more like nature”.  That is what AirRestore does.  Air Naturalizers are NOT air purifiers…they are too advanced for that.  They Restore the energy to indoor air to make it act like OUTDOOR Air

They are “ACTIVE”  devices which do not use filters or chemicals.  Each 4.5″ inch high unit covers up to 800 square feet.  They really do a better job of purifying the air than any other home device does.  They actually send “scrubbers” out into the air to remove particles as small as those “ultrafine” 0.1 microns in diameter  from the air.  This device even kills germs and bacteria on surfaces.

AirRestore is available in a variety of configurations, from a single unit covering 800 square feet for a small room or area, to a Studio system consisting of two units for an apartment or condo to a Whole Home System with 4 units which will cover up to 3,200 square feet.  There are even travel kits available so you can take a unit with you to plug into your car or hotel room.

For more information, or to order your own system, please check out the Whole Home System on the Green Health Technologies website: 

You don’t want your lungs to be your air purification system.  You owe it to yourself and your family to have the best quality air in your home. Order yours today!

Also, while on the website, learn about other great products to keep you healthy and protect our environment.

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