Can We Do Laundry Without Polluting Our Water Tables and Environment?

The Simple Answer is:  YES! WE CAN!!!

If you have every really looked at the discharge water coming from your washing machine, you have most likely noticed that in addition to being dirty, it is loaded with detergent…  Detergent which is made with lots of chemicals, most of which are carcinogenic.   

Have you thought about where this water goes? A great deal of it ends up in our water tables, further polluting our already less than pure ground water.

In addition to the chemical pollution from the detergent and the stuff that washes out of our laundry, there is the packaging that the detergents, fabric softeners, bleach, etc. comes in.  All of this goes into the trash which for the most part ends up in landfills.  Some of the plastic containers get recycled, but some ends up in our waterways, sewers, and ultimately, the ocean.

In addition to the pollution problem, all these chemicals polluting the environment, there is also the problem of what these chemicals do to your health, and to your clothes.  Detergents, even liquid detergents, are abrasive and wear out your clothes prematurely.  I am sure you either have experienced, or know of someone who has experienced skin rashes or irritations from the chemicals in detergents and softeners.  Or, you are, or know someone who has had allergy or asthma reactions to the perfumes and chemicals in these laundry products.

You might be tempted to say,  “Well, there isn’t a whole lot we can do about all that, we have to have clean clothes”!

Well, there IS something we can do about it!   For more than a decade hospitals and the hospitality industry has been using a technology that was originally developed in conjunction with the space agency which allows laundry to be done using cold water only and using no or nearly no detergents, bleach, or fabric softeners.

Right now you are probably thinking “I don’t believe it’s possible to get clothes clean with cold water and no detergent”   Well, it is not only possible; it has been tested to kill 99.99% germs and bacteria in your laundry.  As mentioned, hospitals have been using this technology for more than a decade.

As you can imagine, many hospital patients cannot be exposed to allergens and germs.  Hospitals needed something that would allow them to effectively and economically get their linens and gowns and other fabric products, clean, allergy free and germ free.

This technology is now available for your home in the form of a Certified Space Technology product called Laundry Pure!  It is a device that intercepts the cold water coming from your wall and diverts it to a compact unit on your wall behind the washer and changes its molecular structure infusing it with hydroxyl atoms and a “hydrogen peroxide like” compound which gently lifts dirt and stains out of the fabric and disinfects and kills germs and bacteria.  That restructured water is then sent to your washing machine to do your laundry.

Notice only cold water is mentioned, using Laundry Pure, there is no hot water connection to the washer.  Your wash is done in cold water only.  With Laundry Pure your laundry costs are reduced drastically, no money spent for detergents, bleach, fabric softener OR hot water!  Laundry Pure will save a family doing an average of four (4) loads per week about $464 per year!  That means that the unit pays for itself in just a little over one year!

Have you noticed how your clothes get that “worn” look after several washings?  And how the dark colors (especially blacks and dark blues or browns) begin to look faded and washed out after just a few washings?  Laundry Pure can greatly reduce both of these things and help your clothes last longer!

So, how does this device make my clothes last longer?   Well, remember that detergents are abrasive.  With no detergent, the bubbling action of the hydroxyl atoms in the water gently lifts dirt, germs and grime off the fabric rather than abrasively “scrubbing” them out. Without this abrasive action clothes don’t look worn and the fabric holds its integrity longer.

Regarding the “dingy, faded” look.   Believe it or not, they are not actually faded.  They look that way because washing machines are incapable of getting all of the detergent out of either the clothes or the machine during the rinse cycle.  As a result the left over detergent in your clothes builds up and the fabric looks faded.  After more and more washes the problem gets worse.  After just a few washes using the Laundry Pure System, you will notice the color begin to brighten and look newer.  Because you are washing without detergent there is no build up to dull your clothes, AND no detergent residue left in your clothes to irritate your skin and respiratory system.

By using the Laundry Pure System you are doing laundry in a manner that is healthful for you, your family, AND OUR ENVIRONMENT!!

The Laundry Pure System is available from Green Health Technologies .  Visit their website and learn more about this fantastic Green Technology product and other healthy, green products for you and your home or office.

You owe it to yourself and your family!   Order Your Landry Pure TODAY!






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