Why Your Indoor Air Needs To Be Naturalized Air Not Purified Air

Would you rather have fresh air or pure air?

Most people would probably say “pure air”.  Hold on, not so fast!

Everyone knows how good you feel when you are in the mountains, or near a waterfall.  Why do you think that is?  Again, most people would say something like “Because it is pure mountain air”.

The problem with that is that when you are in the forest, or the mountains, or near a waterfall, the air is NOT “pure”.  As a matter of fact, it isn’t even close!   In nature, there are many things that get into the air to make it “not pure”….Things like odors and particles from decaying vegetation and animals, pollens, odors and particles from animals doing their business outdoors,  sometimes even smoke.

So…. If that is true, why do you feel so good, and why does the air generally smell good when you are outdoors, away from the pollution of the city and highways?

The answer is “Nature itself”!  You see, in nature, the sun’s energy reacts with the moisture in the air, hydrogen, and other compounds found naturally in the air to interact with the pollutants in the air and alter their structure to neutralize them, and change them into something different.  In addition, the air outside has positive and negative IONS in it to cause particles like smoke and pollens to clump together and fall out of the air.  That is why even after a fire, in a few days, the smoke and ash are gone and the air will be energized and fresh again.  That is “nature at work”!  And that is why mountain air is almost always so fresh and energizing.  It is the Sun and the natural elements in the air combining to clean, freshen, and ENERGIZE the air and make it healthful and energizing for your body.

If you have ever been camping, or stayed in a mountain or lakeside cabin with the windows open at night you probably noticed how good you feel when you wake up in the morning…. Energetic, Alert, and, most likely, with a healthy appetite!  That is because when you are breathing fresh, clean, energized air, you breath more deeply, you clean the built up mucous and “residue” from your respiratory system and your brain, which needs at least 20% of your oxygen, functions better and you sleep better.  Your heart also works better when your lungs are putting more oxygen into your blood.

Because your brain is better rested, and your heart is working more efficiently, you FEEL MORE ENERGETIC, have a BETTER APPETITE, and generally FUNCTION BETTER!  You breathe better, you feel better and you are more alert and you THINK MORE CLEARLY.  All this because you have been breathing fresh, clean, energized air!

 Our bodies were designed to live OUTDOORS; to take advantage of the way nature helps our bodies to function the way they are supposed to in order to keep us healthy!

The problem is that modern man has “controlled” our environment to the point where we no longer live as we were intended to, and our systems don’t work the way they were intended to.

A generation or two ago, our homes and office buildings were built differently.  The construction standards were different.   After the energy crisis in the 1970’s building standards changed to make homes and buildings more “energy efficient”.  The problem with that was that they became more air tight.  We don’t have the cross ventilation or the “fresh air” coming into our homes,  commercial buildings, which used to have windows that opened to let fresh air in, no longer (for the most part) have that capability.  We rely on air conditioning and fans to cool and move air around.

The problem with that is that we are circulating the same old “dead” air around.  According the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), indoor air can be 5-10 times more polluted that outdoor air.  In extreme cases it can be much, much more polluted.

That’s a real problem because Americans spend as much as 90% of our time living or working or sleeping INDOORS!

As a result, there is a Billion Dollar industry just to “purify” indoor air.  The only problem with that is that “purifying” the air doesn’t really help!  Think about what nature does… it cleans, freshens, and ENERGIZES the air.  Air purifiers, at best, can only (even with the best expensive, HEPA filters, only remove particles greater than 0.3 microns from the air.  The dangerous ones, the ones that get into your lungs and respiratory system and as a result into your internal organs are much smaller than that.  In addition, those filters need frequent cleaning and must be replaced often which gets expensive.

Then there is the matter of odors like pet odors and dander, chemicals given off by furniture and carpeting, etc.   Most air purifiers do a poor to terrible job with those.  Often they compensate by telling you to use a “room deodorizer” or plug-in “freshener” to dissipate the odor.   That just covers up the odor and replaces it with another, and puts more chemicals into your air.

On top of all that, “purifiers” can only affect the air that it pulls through the filter, which is a really small amount from the immediate vicinity of the device, and they can only put the “purified” air into a small area of room or home (usually 150-300 square feet).  As a result, you need to purchase (and clean, and replace filters) multiple big clunky units to cover your home.  Remember, they can neither pull air in through the filter from rooms behind walls nor send out “purified” airs to those other rooms, so you need one for every area where there may be a problem.

So purifiers don’t really work!  What is the solution?

Remember our discussion about how nature cleans the air?  Nature doesn’t use filters.  Nature uses the sun, moisture and other components found naturally in the air to clean, freshen, and energize the air and change the composition of the pollutants and make them harmless, and using positive and negative ions, take particles as small as less than 0.1 micron out of the air.

There is a solution, it is called an Air Naturalizer™   this system works like nature does.  To naturalize something is to make it like nature.  That is what the Air Naturalizer does.  It is NOT a “purifier”; it is way too advanced for that.  It uses no filters or chemicals, no ozone and it doesn’t require constant cleaning like a purifier does.

What it does, is to electronically duplicate what nature does with the sun and ions to put organic air and ions into the air to bind to and change the pollutants at a molecular level, changing them into a different, harmless compound and taking them out of the air.  The system removes odors, and, like the sun, puts energy into the air.  The result is that it Cleans, Freshens, and Energizes indoor air to make it act like outdoor air!

This technology completely revolutionizes the Billion Dollar indoor air cleaning market for residential and office spaces.  It is small (only 4½” tall) and a system consisting of 4 discrete units covers up to 3200 square feet.  The system is extremely affordable and can be purchase as a single unit, two units, or a four unit Whole Home System.  Each individual small unit covers up to 800 square feet.

They were designed specifically to be placed in multiple areas to cover the home or office and address areas of concern.

If you would like to provide the best indoor air quality for yourself and your family or your employees, you should investigate this fabulous product.


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