Back-to-School Health Dangers

It’s back to school time once again, and like every year, that has some health implications for the family.

As children from a wide variety of home situations come together in classrooms, especially in this early hot weather where many classrooms don’t have proper ventilation or air conditioning, these classrooms become a breeding ground for bacteria, viruses and germs from a wide variety of sources.

Our children then get exposed to these germs and get sick or bring these germs home to the family or both.

So what can we do about it?  A few schools are starting to bring a device called the AirRestore Air Naturalizer™ into the classrooms.  This is a small (4½” tall) device that cleans the air and kills germs both in the air and on the surfaces on which they settle.  Each unit covers up to 800 square feet.  You need these in your home.

Outdoors, Nature, using the sun, moisture in the air and the naturally occurring compounds in the air puts energy, hydroxyl radicals (which are natures “molecular scrubbers”) and peroxides into the air as well as negative and positive ions which all combine to attach to and molecularly change particulates, odors, and germs into different, non-harmful molecules and cause particles, even the very, very small ones that get into our respiratory systems when we breathe, to bind together and get heavy enough to fall out of the airThe most important aspect of this is the energy that nature puts into the air.  That is the primary key to the whole process.  Energized, fresh outdoor air increases blood oxygen levels in the brain which increases brain function.  Some of the best universities have discovered that students taking classes held outdoors have increased learning and retention.  Simply put, when our brains are exposed to fresh, energized air we are more alert, have better memory, and are sharper mentally.

The Air Naturalizer electronically does to indoor air what nature does outdoors.  “Air Naturalizer Restores the Energy to Indoor Air to Make it Act like Fresh, Energized, Healthy Outdoor Air”

The Air Naturalizer is designed to be modular and is available as a single unit covering up to 800 square feet, a 2 unit Studio System covering up to 1600 sq. feet or as a 4 unit Whole Home System covering up to 3200 square feet.  The single units are great for closed rooms, especially bedrooms and dorm rooms, while the Studio system is for multiple room apartments/condos, and the Whole Home System, as the name implies is for family homes or offices or where you have multiple closed rooms such as classrooms, dorm rooms, bedrooms, or just have multiple discreet areas.

Everyone deserves to live and breathe in a clean, germ free, and odor free space indoors.  In addition to removing odors, germs, allergens and the like from indoor air, using the Air Naturalizer in bedrooms helps you sleep better, awake more energized and really enhances the efficiency of your immune system because by taking those tiny particles out of the air, and the energy causing increased production of healthy, thin mucous, which serves to help your body propel dangerous pollutants out of your respiratory system before they get to damage your organs and immune system. In addition, this helps the transfer of oxygen to your blood stream where it is so needed by your brain and other organs.

The Air Naturalizer is available from

You and your family deserve to be healthy.  Order your Air Naturalizer before your kids start bringing home the germs from school or to give to your college student going away to college.  DO IT TODAY!!!

Element in palm of hand transparentAR Element WHS pkg Trans


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